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Iryna Sythnikova

Ірина Ситнікова

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"For me, daily practice is a small journey inside myself."

Iryna (Ira) Sytnikova lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she studies and teaches Kundalini yoga.


She uses this tool to live her life consciously, and to maintain inner light, even in the most difficult conditions. She is inspired by people, their personal and unique paths, and the opportunity to share what she has learned.

For 7 years, Iryna worked as a makeup artist, and this is just one of the many chapters of her diverse experience. Every day she served human beauty, and emphasized it, leaving incomparable personalities in place. Now, the object of her service is human souls.

Today, people turn to Iryna to remove difficulties from their lives through spiritual practices.

She says, "For me, daily practice is a small journey inside myself. I am extremely interested in exploring this space, and every time I am convinced that its diversity is endless."

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