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What People Are Saying

From email and comments we have received from people who

have seen the film...


What a beautiful and powerful movie you have crafted…. Had tears in my eyes and a clump in my throat pretty much the entire way through. Powerful messages about life and resilience way beyond the situation in the Ukraine. Started already with a strong and haunting opening with sirens and sound and a beautiful transition to the yoga song - also haunting in its performance.

It was really beautifully shot and managed to show cruelty and terror without it being in your face. The yoginis were really powerful and sweet at the same time. Could really feel their light and how bright they are shining in the middle of that darkness.
Really amazing....

Thank you for letting me watch it. It made my life better.
"In their own voices, the women in this documentary describe their experience of war and how the practice of Kundalini Yoga empowers their spirit against tyranny and violence. You will cry, you will cheer, you will feel their strength."
"Fantastic. Stirring. Inspiring. I wept five separate times. And then again at the very end. Such a heart wrenching perspective of these gentle, but fierce, women who are victims of war without being victimized. Their simple vulnerability is stunning. The message of peace and kindness is strong."
"What a beautiful beautiful movie.  It moved me.  Straight to the heart."
"It's impossible to watch this film without being transformed!"
"I just finished watching the film and I simply can't find the words. Its emotional power is astounding! The incredible strength and resilience of these women captivated me. They are super-women. They found a way to find light in darkness, and illuminate the paths of others. Their journey sends a profound message to the world, reminding us of the privilege we have to live in a place without fears. It struck straight to my heart!"
"A film doesn't get any better than this!"

"Thank you for an incomparable experience. So powerful to see it in the crowd. I did cry through the whole thing.  Beyond moving and inspiring!"

"An amazing project to help change the world!"

"Your magnificent film! Wow! What a powerful story you have told!"
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